Please note all prices are in Australian dollars.

1. Can you make me a custom noofie?

Unfortunately no. All my time is taken up with making noofies for the website and the retail shop in Bright.

2. The noofie I saw in your shop isn’t on the website, why?

Not everything is available at all times due to time restraints. I make a design a day, so if what you want isn’t here today, please check back regularly as it could be added at any time, dependent on when I make it. I put regular updates of newly made noofies on Facebook and Instagram, so I would suggest following one of these, then you won’t miss out when they become available.

3. Do you send overseas? 

Yes. If Australia Post allow it, we can send it. Postage will be calculated at the check out.

4. How do I fix a broken noofie?

Just apply a drop or two of superglue to one side, then attach and hold down the other part for twenty seconds without moving it.

5. Can I put the figurine I made outside? 

Yes, polymer clay is waterproof. We do suggest that you put it in a shady location, as direct sunlight will cause fading in time.

6. Why did the figurine I made crack? 

Polymer clay must be conditioned well until it is soft before sculpting. Excess oven temperature can also cause cracking. Make sure the oven is on 115° Celsius. Leave in the oven to cool down. This will prevent sudden hot to cold temperatures which often cause cracking.

7. Are there any care instructions for the clay?

Clay should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Even once opened, unused polymer clay can last many years in its current packaging, but don't store near heat or sunlight. Do not wrap or place on paper, as this can leach the oils out of the clay which will dry it out and make it hard to work with.

8. Is polymer clay toxic? 

Polymer clay is non toxic and completely safe to use. When cooking, do not cook above 115° Celsius or you may burn the clay. 

9. How long can I store the kit or clay before I use it? 

Polymer clay can last for years, but do not leave the raw uncooked clay in sunlight or in a hot room/car as heat will cook the clay. Once cooked you can place your art anywhere.

10. Do you pay for overseas taxes?

It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to pay any international taxes or customs charges. By placing an order, you are agreeing to this policy. 

11. Are noofies suitable for young children?

No, noofies are decorative only. They are made from polymer clay which is fragile and could cause a choking hazard in children under 6 if broken and swallowed. We recommend placing them on a high shelf that young  children and pets can’t reach.  

 12. I saw many different colours of a particular noofie in your retail shop but only one colour on the website. Why?

I try to have a large range of animals on the website which means that some will only have one colour at the moment with the intention of adding to the colour range as time permits. Not all of the noofies you see in the shop are on here yet, but I have a roster and aim to add them in between topping up the retail shop and website.


13. Do you wholesale? 

Not at the moment, but we have a rubber noofie project in the works and you are welcome to contact us regarding them once you see them on the website.