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1. How can I purchase a handmade noofie?

Sorry, the handmade noofies are not available on the website. They are only available from noofies retail shop located at 11 Ireland Street, Bright, Victoria, Australia.

2. Do I have to pay for postage?

We offer free post on orders over $60 within Australia. Orders under $60 are charged a flat fee of $10 postage and handling. 

3. Do you send overseas? 

Yes. Postage will be calculated at the check out.

4. Can you make a custom order for me? 

Unfortunately, due to the time taken in making figurines for the shop in Bright, Kerrie no longer makes custom orders.

5. Can I put the figurine I made outside? 

Yes, polymer clay is waterproof. We do suggest that you put it in a shady location, as direct sunlight will cause fading in time.

6. Why did the figurine I made crack? 

Polymer clay must be conditioned well until it is soft before sculpting. Excess oven temperature can cause cracking. Make sure the oven is on 115° Celsius. Leave in the oven to cool down. This will prevent sudden hot to cold temperatures which often cause cracking.

7. Are there any care instructions for the clay?

Clay should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Even once opened, unused polymer clay can last many years in its current packaging, just don't store near heat or sunlight. Do not wrap or place on paper, as this can leach the oils out of the clay which will dry it out and make it hard to work with.

8. Is polymer clay toxic? 

Polymer clay is non toxic and completely safe to use. When cooking, do not cook above 115° Celsius or you may burn the clay. 

9. How long can I store the kit or clay before I use it? 

Polymer clay can last for years, just do not leave the raw uncooked clay in sunlight or in a hot room/car as heat will cook the clay. Once cooked you can place your art anywhere.

10. What age are the kits suitable for? 

5 years to 100 years old!