Our Story

What's in a name?

The word noofies (pronounced "noof" like a dogs "woof"), is my beautiful mums word. Growing up, we had a little poodle and whenever it was being cute and cuddly, mum would say it was being noofie. So everything that was cute and cuddly became "noofie". For something as unique as these figurines I had to use my mum's word.                                              

In the beginning


Noofies began in 1994 (under the name "Off with the Fairies") with a single figurine. I enjoyed making it so much that I made another. Before too long I had so many figurines that I attended a market in Adelaide, South Australia, where I lived at the time and promptly sold out. I continued doing markets until 2006.            

My husband Matt and I then opened a gift shop in Bright which we sold in 2012. We then spent the next three years travelling around Australia and overseas doing pop-up shops, looking for the perfect home for noofies. We came full circle and ended up back in beautiful Bright, our home since 1998.

The Present


In 2016 we opened the retail outlet of noofies in Bright. It was wonderfully successful, so much so that I didn’t have enough time to make stock for a website as well as the shop. 
In 2020 we were shut for the bushfires, then the covid19 pandemic, which gave me enough time to build up my stock levels so that I could finally sell on the website as well. The website may sell out of certain noofies when the retail shop is busy, as I need to spend all my time making extra for the shop then, but always check back, as once things quieten down I can make for the website again. 


What the future holds

 Matt has been experimenting with rubber noofies! We have purchased all the machinery so that everything can be made by us, right here in Australia.

He is currently teaching himself CAD/CAM and how to run our CNC machine to cut the aluminium molds.

After that, it’s just making them!

It is early days yet, but watch this space.....